Payment methods

By completing your purchase, we offer you 4 payment methods to choose the one that suits you best:



  1. Cash on delivery (Domestic orders). If you prefer the more traditional method, then you can pay the price of the order to the courier distributor at the time of receipt of the goods. For shipments to Cyprus as well as to other countries abroad, the cash on delivery service is not available).
  2. Με Πιστωτική κάρτα. If you have a VISA or MasterCard credit card, you can use it without stress, since is covered by the most modern security standards.
  3. 3. By Deposit in a bank account. You can deposit money for your orders in one of the following accounts:

NATIONAL 07400655283 GR3001100740000007400655283

ALPHA BANK 596002002010279 GR6201405960596002002010279

PIRAEUS 065099996628 GR3401720650005065099996628

EUROBANK 00260449110200631369 GR6302604490000110200631369


Beneficiary is ELENI PAPAZOGLOU.



After depositing money, please send the bank receipt via email to or via Fax to 210-2480917, to notify that the deposit has been made. The products are sent after the confirmation of the deposit of the order amount.



ATTENTION: Please note that depositing money in a bank account takes 2-3 working days until the amount of money you sent is approved.